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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs This is an ARC I got through a library. I really loved this book. It took a little while to get going, but then I couldn't put it down. It also dragged a little at the end, but picked up again to let you finish on a high note. The characters are all wonderfully written and developed. I don't know if this will be the first in a series, but it definitely could be, and I would absolutely love to read more about the peculiar children. :) I loved all the photos throughout the book. Because it was an ARC there were some photos missing and I wonder what they were. There were also some typos and wrong words, but I'm expecting they'll be fixed for the final published copy. Lastly, there was a Bronwyn in the book which I just loved. :) I don't find my name in books often, and when I find it accidentally it's that much more fun. My only quibble with Bronwyn here was that she's described at one point as brawny (she can lift boulders, etc.). I just wonder how clever the author thought he was for that one; it's a tired play on the name that I've dealt with more than a few times and so that bugged me. But that's such a minor issue with the book, and a personal one at that, that I definitely recommend this book. It was just so much fun and full of such great characters.

You can read a further review/synopsis at: http://www.suite101.com/content/book-review-miss-peregrines-home-for-peculiar-children-a372063